Flashback to New York / by marina silva

          I recently stumbled upon my last creations while living in Brooklyn that really defined the vibe I wanted to encompass within my work and interior design. 

          The concept behind Marsinha is not necessarily to make drawings, but to enhance senses and make environments. So its not only something your looking at, but the way its placed and the smells and sounds around it: the search for absolute comfort. In this case, living in the chaos that is metropolitan New York City, the places we live in become our sanctuaries, where one can escape the noisy clusterfuck outside the window into a peaceful chill safe spot. (and I usually tend to bring some nature into it, we tend to forget green and the influence it can have on us)

          Again, Marsinha is not only two dimensional strokes on paper, there are also other products involved, objects you can take with you. A collection of artifacts that give you a piece of me, and that are made to be transformed in time, and to nomadically travel from one owner to the next. Consider them an amulet of good vibes and appreciation of beauty, whether it be for your walls, or your feet.