"Through the use of painting, fine pen drawing and collage, I represent the most aesthetic vision of the female body as an object in a hyperbolic way: I portray nude women in the fitting standards of what our mass-media-influenced world would consider ‘beautiful’ today. I talk about the notions of beauty as a social construct and the collective creation of desire. I retract from drawing these women’s faces as a removal of identity, accentuating the attention driven towards the actual shape of their figure. The elements used for faces are usually flora which determines the link between nature's biorhythm and the unmerciful, yet magical, body cycles women must endure. 

Through reverse psychology my intention is to tweak the collective mentality of a conservative, but self proclaiming “progressive,” social standard in upper class Mexico in regards to female beauty and sexuality. My aim is a subconscious approach for the sexual revolution for the Mexican 1%. The construction of a desire-driven audience and the standards of our understanding of aesthetics in relationship to the human body, is what encourages me to create work.



Marina Silva was born in 1990 in Mexico City.

She has worked in Brooklyn, Berlin and Mexico City exploring many mediums.

In 2013 she received her BFA in Fine Arts from Parsons The New School for Design. 

She has participated in a number of exhibitions in New York, London, Mexico City among others.

She currently lives and works in Mexico City.